P-WEC's Education Program for Villages by the Forests

P-WEC's Education Program for Villages by the Forests

Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC), ProFauna Indonesia's education field project and center, not only runs its programmes about wildlife conservation education in its complex but also holds public awareness and rural community development for the villagers living surrounding P-WEC. P-WEC is located in the foot hills of Kawi Mountain, East Java where its surrounded by by some villages like Petungsewu, Kucur, and Selorejo which are adjacent to the forests. Most of the villagers take advantage of the forest to help make a living for examples like cultivating plantations and grazing for their cattle.

One of P-WEC's education programmes is the Mobile Library, a mobile vehicle containing free books for village children. It is a weekly program where P-WEC's team invites the poor children to read and learn about wildlife conservation. Every Sunday, the team visit one of the villages near P-WEC's centre.

The villagers and their children are enthusiastic to P-WEC'smobile library. Most of them are illiterate and poor that they can't afford to buy books. In this programme, children are happy to read many books for free. Furthermore, some P-WEC's staff members do story telling especially about wildlife conservation and the children love it.

Mobile Library

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If you have some good books but you do not have more spaces to keep them, please donate them to P-WEC's Mobile Library. There are thousands of poor village children who are lack of good books. They will be very happy if P-WEC can provide them with good books through its mobile library programme as they deserve to get more knowledge.

For further information please contact education@p-wec.org or +62 341 7040564.

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