16 Green Tips at the Office

16 Green Tips at the Office

Offices for most city workers are their second homes because from in the morning to the evening they spend their time there. It is very important for us to be environmentally friendly in the office to support the nature conservation movement from our closest environment.

The following are 16 green tips for you to save the environment in the office, done by ProFauna and P-WEC members:

  1. If you do not use computers for more than two hours, shut down your computer. If the computer is still in "standby" position it will consume electrical energy
  2. Listening to music on the computer with earphones will save more energy than using a loud speaker. If you leave your desk, make sure the music on your computer is turned off. Do not let the computer "sing" for no one.
  3. Turn off the electricity in the room that does not require continuous light, such as in warehouses or bathroom. Lights are turned on only when we need them.
  4. Use saving energy light bulb. Use some proven brands such as Phillips or Oshram. Also use a rechargeable battery.
  5. Before going home, make sure the computers and electronic devices such as radio, tape, TV, telephone central, etc are turned off and unplug them, otherwise they will consume energy up to 40%.
  6. Save the paper:
    • Do not print monthly report, simply send it in digital form. Save the report in digital form will save you a lot of paper. Print the report only if it is necessary.
    • To print unofficial documents or drafts, use the front and back of the paper.
    • Use the envelope used to store documents or send letters or packets internally which is not formal.
    • Use non plastic-coated paper.
    • Use the back or empty side of used paper to print email
    • For news clippings, use used but appropriate paper
  7. To keep a CD, use paper wrap made from recycled paper. Plastic box is only used when the CD is to be sent via post.
  8. If possible, use stationery (pen), which can be refilled. Use ink printer that can also be refilled.
  9. Use the fan instead of AC. If you leave the room, make sure the fan is turned off.
  10. Use office tools (furniture) that is environmentally friendly, such as recycled wood
  11. Plastic wrap is not allowed in ProFauna's offices. Use a food box can be used over and over instead of the disposable ones. Do not buy drink that uses disposable plastic packaging. Bring your own glasses if it is possible.
  12. Smoking is not allowed in the office. Smoking is allowed on the patio or outside the office.
  13. Grow a tree or flowers in the office. Make sure they are regularly watered and cared for so they can grow and contribute oxygen for us.
  14. Bring your own shopping bag. Say no to plastic bags given by shops or malls.
  15. If the distance between your home and the office is close, walk or ride a bike. If you take motor vehicle, make sure your vehicle is energy saving and create less pollution and have regular auto maintenance.
  16. Always look good but but make sure your cosmetics are environmentally friendly and non-animal testing products.

Compiled by:

Petungsewu Widllife Education Center (P-WEC)

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