P-WEC Appointed as Adiwiyata Reviewer

The project manager of Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC), Qodirul Aini, has been elected a a member of reviewer team of Adiwiyata Award in Batu, East Java. Initiated in 2006, the award is a program of the Ministry of Environment to encourage schools to be more concerned to their environment. The objective is to generate schools that support sustainable development. Since 2006-2011, only 1.351 schools out of 251.415 schools in Indonesia which have participated on this program.

P-WEC, represented by Qodirul Aini, is trusted by the government of Batu to be a member of the reviewer team of Adiwiyata. P-WEC is regarded eligible for this role because P-WEC has been consistent in conducting environmental education programs either formally or informally.

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