Finally Set Up, Environmental Education Teacher Forum in Malang City

Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) recently initiated the setting up of a network for environmental education teacher in Malang City - East Java on 6 October 2012. It was officially named the Communication Forum of Environmental Education (FKPLH) chaired by Dra. Tipuk Ujianti I, M.Pd; a teacher of the senior high school, SMA Negeri 10 Malang with environmental education teachers of senior and vocational high schools in Malang as the members. The committee team members then met to make the organization's structures and action plans. Ms. Hanik, the secretary of the forum, stated, "We are excited to start".

Just one month after the creation of the forum, the Education Department of Malang City issued a decision letter on 5th November 2012 to appoint the committee members under the official forum name of Teacher Forum (MGMP) of Environmental Education (PLH). The change from FKPLH to MGMP encourages the forum members to develop the environmental education at their schools.

"The change (from FKPLH to MGMP PLH) is really great. Teachers will be excited because they get official support from the Education Department," Tipuk Ujianti was optimistic. Qodirul Aini, Project Manager of P-WEC, said, "P-WEC is very proud and glad for the MGMP PLH formation because it is important to teach the students with environmental education at schools."

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